5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting Six Sigma Certification


For years, some of the biggest companies around the globe have worked hard to embed the tenets of Six Sigma. Most, regardless of industry, recognize it as a business approach designed to measure and quantify business operations and bring the company toward operational excellence. Today, more and more businesses, big and small, continue to adapt Six Sigma as a way of life.

As a company or an individual seeking to learn what Six Sigma can do for your brand rest

assured that it will offer a lot of benefits.

There are five key advantages that are especially relevant to today’s modern corporate landscape:

#1 Strengthen Customer Loyalty

What would a business be without its customers? In most cases, businesses fail due to customer dissatisfaction—be it by experience, product or employee-customer interaction.

A huge part of the Six Sigma program focuses on understanding the voice of the customer. The training includes studying the different facets of the product or service that are critical to your customer’s perception of satisfaction.

#2 Improve Time Management

In an era where digital distractions pile on to the pressures of getting the job right, using the

Six Sigma methodology gives employees the chance to learn how to be more productive.

The process looks not only into productivity and performance but takes learning and fulfillment into consideration as well, which not only gets the job done right, but also does

so in the most efficient way possible, without taking away the employees work/life balance.

#3 Production efficiency

At the end of the day, employees are getting paid to deliver. But the ever-changing nature of

various industries means consistency is hard to maintain.

Six Sigma training is designed to prove applicable solutions to these problems—be it inconsistent deadlines, difficult clients, unreliable suppliers, management changes...anything that could potentially affect the production and bottom line of the business...as quickly as possible.


#4 Boost employee morale

All businesses rely on their team to make their business work. But for that to happen, employees must be motivated to do their jobs...and to do it well.

Six Sigma’s program prioritizes both operational efficiency and employeeeffectiveness anchored on their personal and professional development. How? By training Six Sigma students to understand and provide the right environment and systems that support employee motivation.

#5 Strategic planning

Too often, a business’ lack of strategy causes its downfall—this is common in small to medium enterprises that have met success but seem to have plateaued’d in their efforts to


Six Sigma teaches how you can approach your business and improve internal processes, increase your bottom line, reduce unnecessary complications and do so in the most cost effective way possible.

These five things are just the tip of the ice berg. The question now is where you can get the best opportunity to learn these techniques; which is where iACADEMY’s continuing

education arm, The NEXT_ School, comes in.

Anchored on iACADEMY’s long-standing belief in combining theoretical curriculums with practical experience, The NEXT_ School provides a comprehensive Six Sigma training headed

by practicing professionals who have earned master black belts in the program.


iACADEMY’s The NEXT_ School, formerly known as School of Continuing Education

(iSCE), answers the demand for learning opportunities that go beyond the school

setting. Our short courses are designed to aid in the growth and development of

individuals as well as organizations, through various classes in the fields of Computing,

Business, and Design. Our premier courses also include Six Sigma, PSE Securities

Specialist and Disaster Risk Reduction. For questions and inquiries, please call (02)

8897777loc. 820-21 or visit www.thenextschool.ph 


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