Natural disasters are on the rise. In the past year, the world has seen devastating earthquakes, massive storms wiping out whole provinces, tsunamis barreling through vulnerable cities. 


By experience, the effects of force majeure on developing countries are severe. The loss of life alone can be devastating, and the financial toll it takes on the government as it diverts funds towards relief and reconstruction is immense. 


But what about for business owners? In as much as a company should protect itself from the risks that natural or man-made disasters can pose, doing so is also critical for an entire community’s ability to recover and rebuild. 


“It can leave businesses defenseless, vulnerable and has crippling effects not only in terms of infrastructure but also for operations. It is difficult to predict when the next disaster will strike, and it’s about time that businesses should see resilience against disaster as something that is for their own interest, as much as it is the nations,” says Ms. Vanessa Tanco, President and CEO of iACADEMY’s The Next_ School. 


While some companies today are adequately equipped to handle emergencies and disasters on a corporate-wide scale, its relevance prompts organizations to seek out opportunities where they can learn how to incorporate it as a strategy to protect the the company and strengthen their community. 


This synergistic relationship between businesses and the community, even the entire nation, is something that The Next_ School’s Disaster Risk Reduction program explores. 


“When businesses have the capacity to power through after a disaster, the community as a whole is given the chance to recover faster. As you protect your employees, your technology, your infrastructure, companies should realize that they also become resources that provide man-power and emergency response in the wake of disasters. And the education and training lowers risk in the long-term,” adds Ms. Tanco.  


Public and private sectors both face the consequence of what being unprepared during a disaster can entail. It is high time we engage and take active role in making our community more resilent.



The Next_ School is opening enrollment for the program on Disaster Risk Reduction and other premier programs including Six Sigma and PSE-iACADEMY Certified Securities Specialist Course. For more information, you can visit www.thenextschool.ph or get in touch with The Next_ School at (02) 889-7777 loc. 821.

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